The 4 Rule Christmas

Many families have experienced the kind of Christmas where spending spiraled out of control. Kids asked for and received a mountain of gifts. Many of those items got tossed aside because there was just too much. Parents realized this kind of  Christmas had little meaning for the children. By overspending they were teaching the children to be materialistic and wasteful. Because of this, some families have embraced the 4 rule Christmas. This will simplify Christmas and encourage the children to appreciate the holiday more. The 4 gifts are:

1. Something they want

2. Something they need

3. Something to wear 

4. Something to read

Maybe you'd like to implement this idea for your children. If so, I've got you covered on something to read. Keep them reading with the three books in the Sassafras House series. These books are appropriate for most kids from 8- to 12-years.


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