The Catnapper Mystery

 New book release!

The Catnapper Mystery (Book 3 in the Sassafras House series) is now available. Kale and Jasmine are ready for another mystery, this time at the Sassafras Animal Shelter.

       The cats at Sassafras Animal Shelter have been disappearing without a trace. The director accuses twelve-year-old Kale Flores of being responsible for the missing cats and no longer trusts him to work as a volunteer. Kale is devastated at being blamed for something he didn’t do. With the help of two friends, he sets on a quest to find the cats and to clear his name. They search the town with few clues to go on, consulting with some colorful senior citizens along the way.

       The answer Kale finds to the vanishing cats is more complicated than he ever imagined. Kale wants to save his reputation and return to work at the shelter, but to do that someone will have to betray an old friend. Will the cost be too high?

The Catnapper Mystery is contemporary fiction and is appropriate for kids from about 8 to 12 years. If you know a reluctant reader, all three books from the Sassafras House series could help keep their nose in a book for weeks. Find them in paperback or ebook. Reviews are always appreciated.

Book 1            The Legend of Sassafras House

Book 2            Treasure in Catclaw Canyon

Book 3            The Catnapper Mystery


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