Sassafras Series Book 3: The Catnapper Mystery

The Sassafras series will soon add book 3 to the collection. The Catnapper Mystery will be released shortly. I'm excited about this installment of the series, and I hope my middle-grade readers will be as well. This book will appeal to students who like to read mystery and adventure stories in grades 3 through 6.

Kale and Jasmine are back. The two friends love a mystery, as you already know if you've read about the search for the lost treasure in The Legend of Sassafras House or about the stolen treasure map in Treasure in Catclaw Canyon.

In this adventure they try to unravel a mystery that Kale fears will ruin his reputation. A reputation is what other people think about you, whether it is based on true facts or based on what someone says about you, which might not be true at all.

Kale and Jasmine are volunteers at the Sassafras Animal Shelter, and they have some new friends you will meet in this story. Everyone at the shelter becomes tangled up in the mystery. Kale's cat, Treasure, is also back, and, as always, she will be there to help Kale as he tries to sort out the puzzle pieces of another mystery.



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