Meet the Characters: Jasmine

Previously, the characters Kale Flores and Treasure, Kale's pet cat, have been introduced from the Sassafras House series.

Today, meet Kale's best friend, Jasmine Palmer.

Jasmine Palmer is an important character in all three books of the Sassafras House series. Like Kale, she is also 12-years-old. When she moved into the house across the street from Kale, he was rude to her and almost missed out on becoming her friend. After Kale redeemed himself by helping her search for her lost dog, Barley, their friendship was kindled. Jasmine usually behaves in a calm, sensible way, but she's not afraid to jump in with both feet when it comes to helping Kale solve a mystery.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay 

The Sassafras House series includes The Legend of Sassafras House (Book 1), Treasure in Catclaw Canyon (Book 2), and The Catnapper Mystery (Book 3).


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