Release Day for Confessions of a Cell Phone Loser

Quarantine, social distancing, online school, and face masks are the new normal for many people. The year 2020 has been unusual, indeed. I've become an online church goer and a regular at online grocery orders. Not all of 2020 has been bad, though. This year has brought the almost simultaneous release of two of my books. My first picture book, A Vegetable Garden is not for Cows, came out just recently. Now, I'm happy to say, Confessions of a Cell Phone Loser and Other Essays is also available in both ebook and paperback.

Perhaps one of these books could give you or someone you love a respite from the unpleasant changes 2020 has brought to everyone. Confessions of a Cell Phone Loser, along with my other books can be found here. Happy reading!


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