Books Are Alive and Well

I was overwhelmed with the turnout at my recent book signing. One particular attendee was a young man I met last year while visiting a middle school. He told me he had read The Legend of Sassafras House, and that he wanted to buy book #2 in the series, Treasure in Catclaw Canyon. Those were sweet words to my ears.

I've heard several people complain that family members are preoccupied by video games and/or social media. I know those things can, and have, become an obsession for some. However, judging from the number of people who came to the book signing, I am confident that my community is full of readers. Before you label a person, consider that looks can be deceiving. There could be something of substance on that screen.

Although nothing can replace traditional books for me, e-books are a popular alternative. If you see me staring at my tablet or phone, I'm likely reading a book. I have a large collection of e-books in my library. I also use the Libby app to check out electronic books from the public library.

The Legend of Sassafras House and Treasure in Catclaw Canyon are available in both paperback and electronic versions. So, whether you're a reader who wants a book on a screen or one to hold in your hands, there's something for everyone. All kinds of books are alive and well.

Photo credit: Paragould Daily Press


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