Book Reviews

An author needs reviews as much as a fish needs water. Reviews are essential in the book business. Not only do authors like to receive feedback, potential readers want to know what everyone else thinks about a book.

Even when readers love a book, the reviews may be hard to come by. This is especially true for children's books. A kid might like to leave a review, but most kids don't have the means to do so. Children's authors must depend on parents to leave a review for their child.

Sometimes parents aren't really sure what to say in a review. Honest reviews are the best. If you don't know what to say, just ask your child. Ask what he liked or didn't like about the book. Use the child's words in the review. Good or bad, the author will benefit from hearing honesty.

Most online sellers use a 5 star system for book reviews. Assigning a number of stars may be confusing to some. Here's my own general interpretation for ranking a children's book.

5 stars = I would definitely recommend this book for kids.
4 stars = Kids would probably enjoy this book.
3 stars = This is an okay book for kids.
2 stars = There's probably not much kids would like about this book.
1 star = I wouldn't recommend this book for kids.

I want to know what my readers think. Reviews are how I find out. You don't even have to buy the book to leave a review. You can review a book that you received free or checked out of a library.


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