My Wise Visitor

Last weekend a great horned owl dropped in to visit at my house. These birds hunt at night, so a daytime sighting is rare. Strong winds circulated on the day of his appearance, so it's possible that this young owl was blown out of one of the tall trees nearby. He huddled on my back yard patio part of the day, but by evening he had moved to the front yard and was caught peeking in through a glass door. Just look at those eyes.

I don't know why he came. He didn't appear to be injured, but I was concerned for his well-being. After checking with a wildlife expert, I was advised to let him be. I was told it would be best to wait and see if his mother would come for him during the night. She must have done just that, because the next morning he was gone.

Perhaps he only stopped in to say hello. Maybe he wants to be a character in my next book. Whatever his reasons, I do hope he left behind some wisdom for me.


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