Oklahoma School Visits

School visits are the best part of being a middle-grade author. I've visited a number of schools this year, and I have loved meeting new teachers, librarians, and students. This week I took The Legend of Sassafras House to Norman, Oklahoma.

One school I visited was Terra Verde Discovery School. This school is a teacher's dream. I saw a 5th grade classroom with its own loft library, accessed by a spiral staircase. There were garden plots and live animals on site. The campus has its own lake. The students themselves were the only thing more impressive than these amenities. They were attentive and respectful. Their manners were impeccable. Each and every student stood and identified himself before speaking. Wow, just wow. I didn't want to leave.

Also, I visited Washington Elementary School, a part of Norman Public Schools. This was the first school I've been to all year with a computerized check-in/check-out system for visitors. I was photographed and had to provide proof of identification. It was easy to see that the school system values the safety of their students. Washington Elementary was large and the buildings were beautiful and well-maintained. The students gave me a warm reception and displayed genuine interest in my presentation. I loved every minute of my time there.

Terra Verde Discovery School

Washington Elementary School


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  1. I love that you are getting to share your book with so many children. I am sure they will look it. Can’t wait for the sequel!