5 Reasons Your Child Needs to Read The Legend of Sassafras House

With the millions of juvenile books available, how does a parent decide which ones to buy? There are so many choices. After doling out the money for a book, sometimes it's disappointing to both parent and child when the book has nothing of merit between the front and back covers.

The Legend of Sassafras House is a middle-grade novel that won't disappoint. This is a contemporary realistic fiction story that kids in the age group of 8- to 12-years old will enjoy reading. Five things your child will gain from this book:

1. Entertainment - The Legend of Sassafras house is an adventure story. There's a lot of high-interest action. It's a page turner that will keep your child engaged.

2. Bullies - No school or child is exempt from them. Kale Flores has to deal with them. Your child will identify with his struggle.

3. Friendship - Every child wants a friend. Just one good friend can make all the difference. Kale and Jasmine are proof that a boy and a girl can become best friends.

4. Single parent home - Not all homes include a mom and a dad. Kale lives with his mom only. He hasn't seen his dad for six years. If your child is in this situation it could help to read about someone else with the same issue. Even if your child never has to face this, some of his friends will. Empathy is a good thing.

5. Values - Kale has a chip on his shoulder because he has no money. His quest to become rich has a surprising ending. He discovers what is most important, and it's not money.


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