5 Reasons Your Child Needs to Read The Legend of Sassafras House

With the millions of juvenile books available, how does a parent decide which ones to buy? There are so many choices. After doling out the money for a book, sometimes it's disappointing to both parent and child when the book has nothing of merit between the front and back covers.

The Legend of Sassafras House is a middle-grade novel that won't disappoint. This is a contemporary realistic fiction story that kids in the age group of 8- to 12-years old will enjoy reading. Five things your child will gain from this book:

1. Entertainment - The Legend of Sassafras house is an adventure story. There's a lot of high-interest action. It's a page turner that will keep your child engaged.

2. Bullies - No school or child is exempt from them. Kale Flores has to deal with them. Your child will identify with his struggle.

3. Friendship - Every child wants a friend. Just one good friend can make all the difference. Kale and Jasmine are proof that a boy and a girl can become best friends.

4. Single parent home - Not all homes include a mom and a dad. Kale lives with his mom only. He hasn't seen his dad for six years. If your child is in this situation it could help to read about someone else with the same issue. Even if your child never has to face this, some of his friends will. Empathy is a good thing.

5. Values - Kale has a chip on his shoulder because he has no money. His quest to become rich has a surprising ending. He discovers what is most important, and it's not money.



Readers' Favorite Review

A writer never knows how individuals will react to her book. My hope is that every reader will enjoy The Legend of Sassafras House, but tastes differ. Each reviewer is entitled to his opinion, and I appreciate feedback of all kinds. Constructive criticism is, well, constructive. A stellar review is a pat on the back. A review like this one is equivalent to winning the lottery. Thank you, Readers' Favorite for your encouragement.

Author's new book receives a warm literary welcome.
Readers' Favorite announces the review of the Children - Grade 4th-6th book "The Legend of Sassafras House" by Anita Stafford, currently available at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1947381083.
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"Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite
Morning Glory, Texas is a far cry from the city life to which Kale Flores and his mother were accustomed. A newcomer to the community himself, Kale’s biggest excitement happened the day a klutz moved in across the street. Maybe this would be an opportunity to meet a friend, a big contrast to his awful classmate Briar Fields. When Kale discovers that the klutz next door is actually a girl, Kale’s hopes are momentarily dashed until Jasmine Palmer agrees to embark on a dangerous treasure hunt in the haunted house up the street. Legend has it that years ago Granny Sassafras rented rooms to a couple of bank robbers who supposedly left treasure on the premises with the intention of returning for their loot. The legend was the answer to all of Kale’s worries. If he could find the money, he and his mother could return to their city life and not be bothered by the likes of Briar Fields ever again.

The Legend of Sassafras House by Anita Stafford is a fun, fast-paced tale that includes both a riveting story line and a valuable lesson that money does not solve all problems. Anita Stafford’s use of accurate dialogue and vivid imagery creates a high interest story that fits nicely in the rare arena of boy fiction. As a retired public school teacher, I am familiar with the challenges of finding appropriate reading material for young boys. The Legend of Sassafras House exceeds that challenge, being a great story of mystery, suspense, and life lessons."
You can learn more about Anita Stafford and "The Legend of Sassafras House" at https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/the-legend-of-sassafras-house where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.
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Baldwin Elementary School Visit

A visit to Baldwin Elementary School is like coming home. This school is the first place I was employed as a teacher. Years have passed with changes to both myself and the school, but my love for Baldwin Elementary remains the same.

During the years of my tenure there, the school served students in grades kindergarten through fourth. The school is now a second through fourth grade school. I shared my book, The Legend of Sassafras House, with the students.

The more I visit schools, the more I miss teaching. The students were attentive and had insightful questions. Thanks to the staff and students at Baldwin Elementary School for hosting me and for the trip down memory lane.