Buy a Kid a Book

When Christmas shopping for kids from 8 - 12 years, books are always a good choice. Buy The Legend of Sassafras House at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

Paperback $8
Ebook $2.99

"The Legend of Sassafras House is a great read for middle school children. It is well written with likable characters and a plot that keeps the reader involved. As a teacher and a parent, I would recommend this book to my students and my kids. I look forward to more from Anita Stafford." --Amazon reviewer

"Absolutely delightful book. Great characters and a great story line! Your children should read this one." --Amazon reviewer

"Excellent read for middle schoolers, but I enjoyed it too! My 11 year old Grandson loved it and is waiting anxiously for her next book." --Amazon reviewer



  1. I am a grown-up and I enjoyed the book very much.