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When Christmas shopping for kids from 8 - 12 years, books are always a good choice. Buy The Legend of Sassafras House at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

Paperback $8
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"The Legend of Sassafras House is a great read for middle school children. It is well written with likable characters and a plot that keeps the reader involved. As a teacher and a parent, I would recommend this book to my students and my kids. I look forward to more from Anita Stafford." --Amazon reviewer

"Absolutely delightful book. Great characters and a great story line! Your children should read this one." --Amazon reviewer

"Excellent read for middle schoolers, but I enjoyed it too! My 11 year old Grandson loved it and is waiting anxiously for her next book." --Amazon reviewer



Greene County Tech Middle School

I received a warm welcome at Greene County Tech Middle School this week. While there, I shared some writing advice with the literacy classes of Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. DeRoe, and Mrs. McCarroll. I also read a portion from The Legend of Sassafras House to the students. Sixth graders are a delight. They had thoughtful questions, and I enjoyed my day.



Upcoming Events in November

November is always a busy month. So far, I've spent more days out of town than at home. Also, I traditionally spend an exorbitant amount of time planning and cooking the Thanksgiving meal. I like to do it, though, because it's a way to express love and caring for my family.

I've allotted part of my November to visit schools to talk to students about writing. I'll share The Legend of Sassafras House with kids from 2nd to 6th grades. The upcoming school visits on my calendar are:

November 13 -- Literacy classes of Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. McCarroll at Greene County Tech Middle School, Paragould, AR

November 28 -- Literacy classes of Mrs. Inman at Trumann Middle School, Trumann, AR

November 30 -- School wide visit at Baldwin Elementary, Paragould, AR

I'm looking forward to all things turkey and school in November.


Fan Art at its Finest

I'm grateful when people line up to buy The Legend of Sassafras House at a book signing. I'm elated when a reader leaves a review on Amazon or Goodreads. As an author, those things are important to me. Those things make me feel honored and proud to be an author.

Today I've been honored in another way. A student from Marmaduke School, Riley Francis, sent me this artwork. It's a depiction of Treasure the cat from The Legend of Sassafras House. It's also my very first piece of fan art. Without a doubt, I'm going to treasure this drawing of Treasure. Thank you, Riley!



Marmaduke Elementary School Author Visit

Today I visited Marmaduke Elementary School. I spoke to a group of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students about writing. I also shared some statistics on the importance of literacy before reading an excerpt from my book, The Legend of Sassafras House. I enjoyed talking with the students. Most of all, I enjoyed their questions. I like the enthusiasm of kids.

One of the teachers at Marmaduke Elementary is a former third grade student of mine. Lindsay Brummett Rippy is now an awesome 5th grade teacher. It's great to see her carrying on the work I loved so much.