A Few Words About Books

At a friend's invitation, I joined a new book club today. I've been a member of another group for some time, but a person can never belong to too many book clubs, I always say. Book club meetings always remind me of book reports, one of my favorite assignments in school.

This club chooses books a few months ahead, so they gave me the book list for the upcoming meetings. I wanted to get the new books as soon as possible. The bookmobile might have the books I wanted, but it always makes me sad when I have to return a good book. Sometimes I want to read them a second or third time. I decided to make a beeline for the bookstore. Booksellers must love bookworms like me. I like books I can call my own.

I browsed up and down amid the bookshelves. By the time I finished I had selected an armload. I needed my book bag to carry them. At the check-out counter, I added several bookmarks to my purchase. Is it just me, or are people who fold book pages a special kind of barbaric?

Upon returning home, I stacked the new titles between my bookends, being careful not to crease any of the book jackets. My books are almost like friends. I treat them with respect and care. I expect anyone who borrows my books to do the same. In fact, these are my top five rules for loaning out books:

1. Use a bookmark, no bent or creased pages.
2. The borrowed book is not allowed in the bathroom.
3. Please do not use the book as a drink coaster.
4. Do not write or underline in the book.
5. And last of all, please return the book.

Writing tip: Proofread your essays. Be careful not to use the same words over and over, or before you know it you can use the same word 28 times in one article.


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  1. I enjoyed book club today. I am with you on the book borrowing rules. I have loaned some very special books that I never got back.