Monday, Monday

This morning as I scanned social media, I noted a number of people bracing themselves for the start of another work week. In fact, Monday was getting bashed with words that ranged from mild dread to outright hatred.

Geez, Louise, someone needs to defend Monday.

Waking up is no harder for me on Monday than any other day. My bed is warm and comfy seven days a week. If not for alarms, my bed and I might never separate. Anyway, until I've had my coffee, I don't know what day it is.

I started loving Mondays when I was a classroom teacher. For reasons I never fully understood, the students worked harder and were more cooperative on Mondays. I have no documented proof of that, but it's true. I began to look forward to Mondays.

There's something exciting about a Monday. It's like a new beginning. The week stretches ahead with blanks to fill in. To-do lists, full of hope, are made. New projects are undertaken. Anything seems possible on Monday.

So, here we are, Monday, my friend. Let's do something great this week.