Marking the Days

Sometimes I get excited over the smallest things. When the bookmarks arrived for my upcoming book, The Legend of Sassafras House, I couldn't tear into the box fast enough. It was love at first sight.

New bookmarks have always been a treasure for me, but none so much as these. Nothing could be more beautiful, except the actual book itself, which will be released soon. I keep reminding myself to be patient. Publishing takes time. In the meantime, as I wait to hold my own book in my hands, I'll be marking all my current reads with these beauties.

The Legend of Sassafras House is my debut middle grade novel. While I anticipate seeing the The Legend of Sassafras House in print, I'm diligently working on my next book. But right now, I think I'll spend a little time staring at my new bookmarks.


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  1. Anita!! Congratulations! What an exciting time for you..and you're already working on your next book? I'm so impressed...and the bookmarks are adorable..no wonder you're so excited!