Lists, Technology, and Time

Thanks to the reign of technology, I no longer lose my grocery list. Ever since my iPhone became the equivalent of another body part, the list goes with me everywhere. I might add or delete items from the list at any time of day, at whatever moment a thought wanders through my brain. Then, when shopping day arrives, the list is up-to-date and in my hand at the store.

I remember days past when I'd get to the grocery store, fumble through my purse, and realize my paper list wasn't with me. A bewildered panic would seize my body as I wandered up and down the aisles, racking my brain to remember what I'd written on the missing list. My only option was to fill the cart with familiar items, hoping some of the things might be what I needed. All the while, I couldn't shake that nagging feeling something was being forgotten.

Of course, something was forgotten. I'd discover what it was much later when the list popped up somewhere at home, taunting me. I could either return to the store or do without.

The present generation can't relate to such an experience. The days of the paper list are over. In fact, why use a list at all? Groceries can be ordered online for pick-up or for home delivery. It's as easy as clicking 'Add to cart'. The process saves so much time and frustration.

At least, it's supposed to. I seem to have less time than ever. I don't know where all the time goes that I'm supposed to be saving. I still meet myself coming and going, and I often work into the wee hours. I have too many appointments, too many unfinished projects, and too many meetings. I'm baffled as to why there's not more free time. I wonder if it would help if I made a list.


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