Monday, Monday

This morning as I scanned social media, I noted a number of people bracing themselves for the start of another work week. In fact, Monday was getting bashed with words that ranged from mild dread to outright hatred.

Geez, Louise, someone needs to defend Monday.

Waking up is no harder for me on Monday than any other day. My bed is warm and comfy seven days a week. If not for alarms, my bed and I might never separate. Anyway, until I've had my coffee, I don't know what day it is.

I started loving Mondays when I was a classroom teacher. For reasons I never fully understood, the students worked harder and were more cooperative on Mondays. I have no documented proof of that, but it's true. I began to look forward to Mondays.

There's something exciting about a Monday. It's like a new beginning. The week stretches ahead with blanks to fill in. To-do lists, full of hope, are made. New projects are undertaken. Anything seems possible on Monday.

So, here we are, Monday, my friend. Let's do something great this week.



Lists, Technology, and Time

Thanks to the reign of technology, I no longer lose my grocery list. Ever since my iPhone became the equivalent of another body part, the list goes with me everywhere. I might add or delete items from the list at any time of day, at whatever moment a thought wanders through my brain. Then, when shopping day arrives, the list is up-to-date and in my hand at the store.

I remember days past when I'd get to the grocery store, fumble through my purse, and realize my paper list wasn't with me. A bewildered panic would seize my body as I wandered up and down the aisles, racking my brain to remember what I'd written on the missing list. My only option was to fill the cart with familiar items, hoping some of the things might be what I needed. All the while, I couldn't shake that nagging feeling something was being forgotten.

Of course, something was forgotten. I'd discover what it was much later when the list popped up somewhere at home, taunting me. I could either return to the store or do without.

The present generation can't relate to such an experience. The days of the paper list are over. In fact, why use a list at all? Groceries can be ordered online for pick-up or for home delivery. It's as easy as clicking 'Add to cart'. The process saves so much time and frustration.

At least, it's supposed to. I seem to have less time than ever. I don't know where all the time goes that I'm supposed to be saving. I still meet myself coming and going, and I often work into the wee hours. I have too many appointments, too many unfinished projects, and too many meetings. I'm baffled as to why there's not more free time. I wonder if it would help if I made a list.



Recent Reads 2018

My reading selections in January were a mixed lot. I chose one novel, three middle grade novels, and one writing craft book.

Bear Town by Fredrik Backman
     I'm a fan of Backman, having read many of his other books. His stories don't always lead where I think they are going, but they lead to the right place. Bear Town is a story of family dysfunction. It's also a story of small town camaraderie and survival with lots of truth and heartbreak.

How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O'Connor
     This is a story of how a homeless child hatches a plan to get enough money to move her family out of their car and into a house.

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate
     I'm not sure how I ended up reading so much about this topic in one month, but Crenshaw is also about the struggle of childhood homelessness. An old imaginary friend shows up, uninvited, to help the child through a tough time.

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper
     This is a must read for elementary students. It's a story of a child with cerebral palsy who is frustrated because she understands words, but she can't respond or communicate with others. Life changes for her when she receives a computer that allows her to communicate, but not everyone is ready to accept that a handicapped child can be "normal".

On Writing by Stephen King
     King intertwines his memoir with writing advice in this book. It was an entertaining and useful read.



Marking the Days

Sometimes I get excited over the smallest things. When the bookmarks arrived for my upcoming book, The Legend of Sassafras House, I couldn't tear into the box fast enough. It was love at first sight.

New bookmarks have always been a treasure for me, but none so much as these. Nothing could be more beautiful, except the actual book itself, which will be released soon. I keep reminding myself to be patient. Publishing takes time. In the meantime, as I wait to hold my own book in my hands, I'll be marking all my current reads with these beauties.

The Legend of Sassafras House is my debut middle grade novel. While I anticipate seeing the The Legend of Sassafras House in print, I'm diligently working on my next book. But right now, I think I'll spend a little time staring at my new bookmarks.