Life would be monotonous and boring if nothing ever changed. Most of the time I embrace change. Looking back over the past twenty, ten, or even five years, much for me has changed. I've even been known to change my hair color on a whim.

The one thing I don't like to change is a clock. Today, because of the end of Daylight Saving Time, I have reset clocks on the microwave, the oven, and the coffeemaker. I've changed the time on the clocks in the bathroom, the bedroom, and the den. I updated the car clock. My computer, phone, and watch all took care of the task for me while I slept. The rest of the clocks in the house are all still an hour ahead. Tomorrow I could remove the remaining clocks from the wall, spin the hands back an hour, then struggle to rehang the clocks. Or, I could avoid all that and wait until spring. Daylight Saving Time will roll back around, and the time displayed will be correct again.

I don't dislike Daylight Savings Time. What I dislike is the resetting of my body along with the clocks twice a year. There must be a better way. If Daylight Saving Time is beneficial to the masses, then why not keep it year round and avoid the change.

I don't mind change, as long as I don't have to change my clocks. Time is valuable. That's my two cents, and you can keep the change.


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