Books and Kids

Books and kids go together like macaroni and cheese or milk and cookies. I've never met a child who had no interest in a good story.

As a classroom teacher, I read aloud every day to my class. It was a time the students looked forward to and didn't want to miss. I enjoyed seeing them captivated by the story. They loved humor. They loved books that evoked emotion. There was always a collective 'awwww' when reading time was over and the chapter ended with a cliffhanger. They wanted more.

I no longer have my own classroom, but sometimes I'm invited to classrooms to read to students. This is a preschool class I'm sharing a book with. These kids aren't readers yet, but they will be soon. Reading aloud to students promotes readiness skills.

If you've never volunteered to read aloud to a classroom, maybe it's something you'd like to try. Or if your schedule makes it impossible, perhaps you could donate a book to a classroom. Any teacher I know would be delighted with either effort.

Today would be a good day to read aloud. Age doesn't matter much. The younger you start reading to a child, the better. If your child is older, find a high interest book, then read aloud a chapter every night at bedtime. Good things will happen. Kids and books are magical.


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