What's Your State Reading?

For the past 16 years the Arkansas library system has promoted a statewide reading program called "If All Arkansas Read the Same Book". The selections are made each fall and the year-long activities culminate with a book tour by the author.

Cassie Dandridge Selleck's The Pecan Man is the chosen title for 2016-17. This summer has been a busy book tour time for Ms. Selleck. She has visited libraries and book clubs in cities across the state and has often managed to fit more than one stop into her day.

When Ms. Selleck gave a presentation at my hometown library, I was on the front row, literally. She was also gracious enough to allow me to have a photo with her. This one is the latest addition to the author photo collection board in my office. 

I'm always intrigued to hear from and to get to know the person behind a book. I enjoyed The Pecan Man for many reasons, one being the authentic Southern voice of Ora Lee Beckworth, the story's narrator.

Cassie Dandridge Selleck has a second book, What Matters in Mayhew, and it's now in my to-be-read queue. The sequel to The Pecan Man is in progress, and I'm looking forward to it, as well.

I commend the Arkansas library system for their worthwhile reading program, and I hope it is continued. I'd be interested to know how other states promote reading and authors in their libraries. 
What's your state reading?


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