Those Blooming Azaleas

Like most southerners, I love my azaleas. I have one section of red ones and another of white ones. The red group is in full bloom, but the whites are lagging a bit behind. As I checked on their progress today, I noticed the lacy, snow white blossoms are not alone. Placed strategically here and there in the midst of the white blooms are a few stray pink flowers. Huh?

Is this the equivalent of a person trying a new hair color? I didn't know flowers had the option of changing their minds like this. Has a flowering shrub ever had a mid-life crisis? Whatever the azaleas are up to, I think I'd better keep an eye on them.

Azaleas are a type of shrub classified in a large group that includes blueberry bushes. If my azaleas get any crazy ideas next year, I hope they decide to produce blueberries.


1 comment:

  1. That's crazy. Wonder what's going on? Mine have been so pretty this year.