Something Green to Read

Fredrik Backman has become popular with my book club. Over the past few months we have chosen to read A Man Called Ove and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry. Now for the month of March we are reading Britt-Marie Was Here.

Today I noticed the cover of Britt-Marie Was Here has beautiful shades of green. I'm reading from a green book on this St. Patrick's Day, and I hope you are, too. Green is an important color in the world. Besides this great book, some of my other favorite green things are:

1. Trees
2. Mint
3. Avocados
4. Kiwis
5. Shamrocks
6. Apples
7. Asparagus
8. Emeralds
9. Grapes
10. Money

It's easy to see where my heart lies. Half of my favorites are food. If you don't have a green book to read today, another color will do. Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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