Dethroned on Twitter

While having coffee this morning, I scrolled through Twitter as part of my wake-up routine. I noted that New York City was being blasted by a snow storm. I wanted to be there, not because of the snow, but to attend the SCBWI winter conference.

I also learned that today is National Pizza Day. I have to get a better calendar so I'll know ahead of time about these great holidays. My family may not understand my lack of planning when I serve fried chicken tonight instead of pizza.

My half-awake eyes almost missed the most startling tweet of all. I scrolled back up to see if I might have misread it as it whizzed past. There it was. "The contest is over" tweeted a blogger I follow. She announced she was now 'Best Mom Ever'. Her six-year-old son had bestowed her with the honor. I was shaken. You see, that was my title.

I was honored as 'Best Mom Ever' by my son the year I made a Minecraft birthday cake for him. I thought the award was permanent. I now realize other moms can do something worthy of winning the title.

I have to relinquish my crown to another mom.

After seeing her tweet, I tweeted back to let her know I am the reigning title holder, but that I would concede the crown. Being a gracious winner, she promised to serve to the best of her ability.

I thought the matter was settled. I wasn't aware my son was monitoring the tweets between the new winner and myself. He tweeted that he could appeal the decision in mom court.

Only the 'Best Son Ever' would offer to do that.



  1. Love this! ...and I agree with Daniel. I think you have a case!

  2. How sweet....you both deserve awards!