Holy Jackhammer

If you've ever been involved in new home construction or home remodeling, you know how nerve-racking either can be. After living in the same house for 24 years, we decided to build a house from the ground up. Not literally, as I never picked up a hammer. The hard work for me was the 50 million decisions about everything from brick to light fixtures. I was relieved when the whole ordeal was over. At last, the house looked perfect, and we moved in.

Now, only two years later, we have decided to remodel. I must have forgotten how hard it was. I don't know what has possessed us, but we have decided to make some changes in the basement. Changes to the tune of adding another bathroom, a laundry room, and a private office for me.

The workers came this week. I've stayed out of their way, with me upstairs, them downstairs. They have their work, I have mine. I was working on a magazine piece this afternoon when the jackhammer started. I hung on to the laptop. Everything in the room vibrated, especially my head. I couldn't finish my writing. To write, I have to be able to hear myself think.

Jackhammers are noisy. I don't like noise. If I had to run a jackhammer for a living, I would starve.

I remember now why remodeling is a bad idea.

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