One Hundred Years of Grammar

Some books that once belonged to my dad are now my treasured books. I have pleasant memories of browsing his bookshelf as a child. He didn't have a vast collection of books, but I believe that he kept and valued every book he ever owned. He built his own bookshelf to display and organize his books, and that bookshelf served him until his death.

One of his books was a Scott, Foresman grammar textbook. The book lists three copyright dates, 1917, 1923, and 1929. His textbook is almost one hundred years old. When this book was brand new, 1929, my dad would have been 8-years-old.

Over the course of years, I have purchased many books and guides to assist in keeping up with grammar rules. I don't know why I bothered to waste the money. My dad's 100-year-old textbook is still relevant. I turned through the pages today and couldn't see anything that had changed about grammar in the past hundred years. 

I won't be around one hundred years from now to check on standards of grammar, so I hope this textbook lands in the hands of someone who will keep it and value it like my dad did. Besides, it might come in handy.

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