Pick a Color

Coloring books for adults are an item I've been seeing more frequently on shelves when I browse the book isles. They're a fun, creative way to relieve the stress of being a grown-up. A coloring book takes us back to a quieter time in our lives when we knew nothing of mortgages, contracts, orthodontist bills, or being a parent. These coloring books have evolved beyond the cartoon characters we once decorated with wax crayons. These are sophisticated and are filled with detailed mosaics or art.

I have one of these grown-up coloring books, and it was created by one of my own. Tiffany Stafford, my DIL, is a talented artist and illustrator. She has created The Bad Habit coloring book inspired by the Agent Pendergast series authored by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

If you are a Lincoln and Child fan, you will delight in seeing the Pendergast characters and scenes through Tiffany's eyes. This is a collection of unique art, coloring is optional. You can find her book here, and you can learn more about Tiffany's latest projects by following her at Deranged Divine Custom Art.