Messages on Shirts

When I'm in a public place I always notice kids, and I observe how they're dressed. Unless it's an older kid or a pre-teen, I have to assume the parent makes the clothing selection for the the child. Much of children's clothing involves some kind of graphic from television or movies. Some shirts glorify a school or sports team.

Other shirts sport a bold message across the front, and some of these have a sweet or positive message. But, there are a few that make me do a double take. Here are some of the more disturbing t-shirt messages I've seen recently that have left me wishing someone would turn the shirt wrong side out:

Rule Breaker

I May Be Small But I'm In Charge

Wild One

Rules? What Rules?

Warning I Bite!

Why would a parent want these messages plastered on their child's clothing? Where do they even find these things?

The designer likely intended the messages to be humorous, but I can't laugh at these. Maybe I'm wrong, and I hope I am, but I believe these messages go deeper than just some ink on fabric. I'm afraid they reflect the adult's attitude toward parenting. All these shirts say the child is in charge. If this is the case, the cute youngster wearing the t-shirt today will grow up to fulfill those messages tomorrow.


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  1. I always get attracted and convinced to read through evert shirt that has message on the front or the back. In most cases i go for the positive messges shirts than the sweet message! i know thats kinda weird though.